HoFi International Limited MT4
Everything is familiar to you, but it doesn't stop there

MetaTraderIt is one of the most popular foreign exchange trading platforms, with a series of excellent features. HoFi International LimitedMT4 provides traders with real-time trading and technical analysis functions. The platform provides traders with a variety of trading execution functions, a large number of technical indicators and curves, custom indicators and scripts.

Support diversified asset classes

MT4 allows you to trade a wide range of CFD CFD contracts including fx, precious metals, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, etc. Products are still growing to meet the needs of customers around the world.


EA automatic trading: use automatic trading strategies written in the MetaQuotes language (MQL).

One-click order: click the mouse to immediately open an order for trading.

Professional chart tools: chart tools to draw a variety of trends.

Custom technical indicators: use custom technical indicators to analyze market price fluctuations and trends, and generate real-time trading signals.