Customer fund protection

Assist and protect retailers and customers in financial operations.

Build confidence in the integrity of the  market.

Promoting international financial capital flows and international enforcement.

Managing global financial chaos at home and abroad.

Improve operational efficiency and service levels for all stakeholders.

Improve services and reduce costs through new technologies and processes.

Customer funds are segregated

HoFi International LimitedAll customer funds are completely segregated from the company's own and kept separately at the world's top Banks. We also set up trust guarantees with Banks to ensure that customer funds are segregated from bank assets and not used by Banks for investment operations.

Safe and easy access

HoFi International LimitedKnow how important it is for customers to withdraw money safely and easily. At the same time, in order to minimize the opportunity to launder money through foreign exchange transactions, we do not accept any third party access requirements. The source of funds must always be the same as the name of the account owner.

Convenient withdrawal process: gold withdrawal is completed by submitting the withdrawal form, and the streamlined operation improves the efficiency of gold withdrawal and withdrawal.

Risk control audit security: to ensure that your funds can be safely and accurately returned, we perform strict financial audit on each withdrawal.

One-to-one service: the customer service specialist of HoFi International Limited will help you complete the payment process as soon as possible by email or phone.

Multiple ways of access: you can deposit money into your transaction account by credit or debit card, usd wire transfer, RMB, etc.